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Your NCPDP Pharmacy Profile Helps You Remain in Good Standing

As a pharmacist, spending time and frustration by submitting credentialing information into multiple portals, completing and submitting forms and paperwork manually, by fax or mailing, leaving you less time to focus on more important responsibilities, including patient education. Your NCPDP Pharmacy Profile simplifies the process of credentialing by enabling you to submit your information into a single source to satisfy the credentialing requirement associated with PBMs, PSAOs and other payers. 

Centralized and Standardized Credentialing

All your pharmacy credentialing data securely stored in a single convenient online location for easier maintenance and retrieval. Once you have submitted your credentials, they become available to PBMs, payers and PSAOs who subscribe to resQ™ reducing the need to submit them individually.


Less Redundant Paperwork

Save time and frustration by entering your data only once into your NCPDP Pharmacy Profile, eliminating paper submission. Upload required supporting documents directly into profile.


Improve Customer Service

Spend less time filling out forms and more time caring for your patients and customers.

resQ™ Works for You

Update and Maintain Your NCPDP Pharmacy 24/7

Keep your pharmacy data and information up-to-date. Login to your online NCPDP Pharmacy Profile 24/7 to review, modify and resubmit current credentials.

Credentials Securely Stored

NCPDP has taken significant steps and implemented stringent information security policies, standards, guidelines, processes, procedures, and best practices to strengthen and ensure the security of your information as well as its availability only to parties with a proper need for such information.