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Why CVOs and Healthcare IT Organizations Need resQ™

Ensure Data Quality & Integrity

Single, authoritative source for self-reported pharmacy data, resQ™, enables your organization to monitor, gather, store and access the critical data you need and the necessary insight needed to maintain data integrity and obtain quality assurance.
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Improve Inefficient Data Gathering and Business Processes

Collecting, maintaining and accessing pharmacy credentials is challenging.   Simplify pharmacy verification design workflows and business processes with resQ™ Pharmacy Credentialing Resource, that allows you to include efficient data management for continuous reporting to your client organizations.


Grow Your Business

NCPDP has been the industry leader providing timely and accurate pharmacy data to the healthcare industry for over 30 years. Using resQ™ as your core resource for your pharmacy data collection will provide you with a competitive edge and timely information you need to grow your business.

resQ™ Works for You

All the Pharmacy Data You Need to Verify in A Single Resource

Standardized pharmacy credentialing and regulatory compliance requirements in simple ASCII text files, makes it easier for you to gather pharmacy credentialing data and integrate directly into your existing systems and verification processes. resQ™ provides the most current, detailed and accurate pharmacy database available.

Smooth Integration into Your Systems

resQ™ is a fixed width, ASCII text file format. The files are compressed in .zip format for ease of transmission. This structure allows for smooth integration into your existing system. Your resQ™ subscription includes one (1) WebConnect User License to provide real-time access online to the pharmacy information, as well as visibility and accessibility to the required copies of electronic documentation submitted by the pharmacies

Multiple File Delivery Options to Meet Your Business Needs

resQ™ file delivery frequency include monthly and weekly options.  Additionally, file types can be complete master files and/or transaction files, which only incude modifications made to records since prior file delivery.

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