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The industry is constantly changing and growing your healthcare business and maintaining regulatory compliance during these times can be challenging but pharmacy data collection to address credentialing, CMS and state regulatory requirements does not have to be. 

Manage Your Pharmacy Data More Efficiently

Substantially reduce processing time for initial and re-credentialing pharmacies

Simplifies administrative processes for collecting pharmacy demographic and credentialing data. resQ™ reduces duplicative paperwork and saves dollars and resources in providing a fully electronic resource, eliminating the need for paper forms, faxing, mailing and follow-up phone calls.


Single, Source-of-Truth for Pharmacy Data

NCPDP has been the leading provider for self-reported pharmacy data for over 30 years. resQ™ provides the most complete, up-to-date set of pharmacy credentials and professional information available, all in a single resource.


Improving the Bottom Line

Consistent and current pharmacy data improves operational efficiencies by reducing manual work associated with resolving claims issues, credentialing, and other administrative functions. Reduce your risk of processing inaccurate claims and related fines and generate more predictable revenue.

resQ™ - Designed by the Industry for the Industry

Enhanced usability and functionality for pharmacy data collection

A centralized aggregator available to the industry where pharmacies can use a single, secure, online process to maintain and upload their credentials and PBMS, Payers and PSAOs use a single resource reducing administrative pharmacy data collection and improving data quality.

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Developed by NCPDP in collaboration with PBMs, Chain Pharmacies, Independent Pharmacies and PSAOs

Data fields and requirements for resQ™ were determined by a Consensus Committee made up of all stakeholders in the credentialing process who gathered payer and non-payer requirements, identified enterprise-wide needs, and established standardized credentialing requirements to address current minimum requirements by accreditation organizations, CMS, and individual states.

Flexible Platform Integration

Easily integrate pharmacy data directly into your existing systems or augment your existing database. No need to change credentialing vendors or systems.

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