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Setting the Standard for Pharmacy Credentials Data Collection

Industry Leading Expertise

resQ™ was developed in collaboration with PBMs, PSAOs, independent and chain pharmacies leveraging NCPDP's pharmacy data collection deep expertise, collaborative forum and problem-solving experience to ensure resQ™ meets the stakeholder needs in types of information collected and disseminated.


Trusted Pharmacy Data Resource

NCPDP has been the industry leader in providing pharmacy demographic data for 30 years. resQ™ eases the burden of pharmacy data collection and streamlines your credentialing and regulatory compliance processes.


Innovating Healthcare

Proceeds from your resQ™ purchase go directly into the great work NCPDP is doing to help advance and innovate the healthcare industry.

Why Healthcare Organizations Choose resQ™ 

Everything You Need to Remain Compliant in a Single Resource

resQ™ makes it super-simple for you to integrate pharmacy credentialing data directly into your existing systems or use it to augment your existing database. You no longer need to change vendors or systems to get the most accurate and complete pharmacy credentialing data available.

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Reallocate Resources

Reduce time and resources needed for credentialing, network directory maintenance and other administrative functions requiring pharmacy data. resQ™ offers enhanced usability and functionality over traditional methods of pharmacy data collection by eliminating the need for paper forms, faxing and mailing.

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