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Pharmacy Data PSAOs and Payers Need to Remain Competitive

Gain Pharmacy Credentialing Efficiencies

Remove administrative burden and reduce the financial impact of gathering pharmacy credentials to enroll or validate pharmacies into your network. resQ™ can serve as a direct source for application for participation.


Improve Bottom Line

Lower the total cost of credentialing/re-credentialing, save time and increase your credentialing efficiency and operation functionality. Information obtained from resQ™ can add value to other segments of your organization such as the care management system, provider directory or claims processing.


Meet and Exceed Accreditation and Compliance Standards

Help your organization comply with state and federal standards and reduce your risk of failed-audits and non-compliance fines that not only impact revenue goals, but also hurt your brand.

How resQ™ Works for You

All the Pharmacy Data You Need to Verify in A Single Resource

Standardized pharmacy credentialing and regulatory compliance requirements in simple ASCII text files, makes it easier for you to gather the most current, detailed and accurate pharmacy credentialing data.

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Real-Time Access to Supporting Documentation and Pharmacy Data

Your resQ™ subscription includes one (1) WebConnect User License to provide real-time access online to the pharmacy information, as well as visibility and accessibility to the required copies of electronic documentation submitted by the pharmacies.  New Document Batch Download feature allows for download of documents for up to 50 pharmacies at one time.

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