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PBMs & Part D

Obtain comprehensive and current pharmacy data including mandatory CMS ownership and disclosure information

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PSAOs & Payers

Streamline your pharmacy credentialing process by reducing duplicate efforts, processing application time, and eliminating paper processes.

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Reduce time and resources necessary to submit, maintain and access accurate timely data and credentials

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CVOS and Emerging Healthcare IT Companies

Increase efficiency to conduct and offer pharmacy data validation for regulatory and accreditation compliance.

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Why Use resQ™

NEW! Document Batch Download Functionality Makes Obtaining Copies of  Pharmacy Supporting Documentation Much Easier

Document Batch Download functionality is included with every resQ™ subscription.  The Document Batch Download provides the ability toselect and download up to 50 pharmacies supporting documentation in a zipped file. Just one more feature that makes resQ™ the industry's comprehensive and trusted resource for pharmacy credentialing data.

Single, Trusted Resource for Pharmacy Credentialing Data

resQ™ is the industry-wide single source-of-truth for pharmacy data. Developed by all stakeholders in a coordinated, collaborative approach to define requirements, establish standards for quality, resQ™ reduces effort and improve efficiency in pharmacy credentialing data collection.

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Pharmacy Data Is Constantly Changing

  • Obtain complete credentialing information on pharmacies with comprehensive attributes such as licenses, ownership, services, specialty, state license(s), etc.
  • Identify pharmacy network gaps
  • Improve compliance with CMS and other regulations
  • Maintain accurate pharmacy directories
  • Increase accuracy and results of pharmacy –focused campaigns, field calls and other sales, marketing and outreach efforts